samedi 7 avril 2012

After a year

Hey guys even though no one who read this is around anymore :P

I just decided to take a look at my old blog because I was a little bored. I've switched some things around to show you guys if anyone sees this where I hang out nowadays. I'm mostly in the juicenation link in the sidebar. I'm one of the two roomowners on there so it's sort of a big thing.

Now I wanted to give anyone who liked me a little follow-up to where I am in my life now.

So here it goes!

Of the people I talked about on this blog, there are a couple I still see alot theses days. I still see Julien, Maude and Nick sometimes although Maude and Nick went to university in Matt's town (about an hour and a half away from where I live). So I still see them but not often.

I haven't seen Eli , Sab or Matt in a while although we still say we should do stuff together in awkward facebook conversations or texts.

I haven't had any contact with Alex for a while.

Now Sam, being probably the one I talked most about. I still see him, he's still dating my roommate. I've grown to dislike him alot and I only talk to him so it's not too awkward at the appartment. I'm counting the days until he's out of my life though. Sorry guys, that didn't work out as a nice story...

But that's them, what has been going on with me, well I'm now at university in psychology. I've met alot of nice people there and have many new friends. I'm still in touch with alot of my friends from the time of this blog. I'm also, as I said before, a room owner for a gay chat on the internet and know many guys from all over the world. I've met a couple of them and plan on meeting others in the near future.

Since I last posted on here, I dated a guy from the netherlands (yeah I know stupid move). We ended things after about two months because of the distance but we still talk often, he's a very nice guy and I would have liked to meet him in person, however, going to Europe isn't exactly cheap :P

So to this day, I haven't dated anyone for real, I mean I saw my ex once before we were dating and I didn't see my other ex in person at all. I think it'll happen eventually but really, nothing serious has happened, a few flirts here and there and a couple of dates that never went anywhere. Maybe the perfect person is out there and I have yet to find him. Maybe I'm just too difficult and can't accept any flaws in others. Either way, it's very lonely but my friends help me get through it, as they always do.

One last thing, I'm turning 21 tomorrow :) Happy birthday me!

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  1. Hi there, Luc

    I'm still around, and still reading, even though I don't think I said much before. It's good to hear from you. It sounds as if life is going well, generally - the usual ups and downs, but nothing too bad.

    Don't lose hope of meeting Mr Right - I think he is out there for you. I would suggest trying to meet more people in real life - for example, is there an LBGT group at your university, or in the same city, that you could join?

    Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great time.

    Take care


  2. Happy Birthday, Luc! I've been wondering what happened to you... I'm glad you're OK, and making your way in the world! It sounds like you're keeping busy and making tons of friends- I love hearing that!

    21... Lord, is it even possible to be that young? :P tman<3

  3. Indeed, life is going bad, I probably won't give up on Mr. Right, I just stopped searching for him, he'll come in due time.

    At 21 I already feel old :P, I started saying things like "back in my days" already!

    Thank you both for the birthday wish, I had alot of fun on my birthday and the days after it. Thank you also for still being around, it feels weird looking at this now but it makes me feel happy to know that people who cared still know who I am :) So yeah thank you both!

  4. You know, I meant to say howdy. So howdy. It was good to see a post and know you are alive.

    Love life and enjoy it my friend!

  5. You know, I meant to say howdy. So howdy. It was good to see a post and know you are alive.

    Love life and enjoy it my friend!